"The artist," how nice that sounds! Thanks to my children, who have given me this website as mothers day gift, "the artist" is truly international!! I am an American but have lived and taught school  abroad (Austria, Persia, Abu Dhabi, India and France)  for the past 30 years. I have painted, sketched,  ridden horses and motorcycles and jeeps and camels, hiked, visited different cultures, sailed, eaten all kinds of food, developed many different and exotic musical appreciations, meditated, studied eastern philosophy, and raised three wonderful children. 

As fate would have it, when a friend suggested that we take drawing and painting classes together, I agreed that I would love to do that. It would make up for the fact that I turned down a scholarship to an art school in favor of becoming a teacher. She organized it - and we encouraged each other to go to classes when we were tired after a full day of teaching school and would have preferred to go home and relax We studied with Bertrand Lallemand-Legendre, a respected Paris watercolorist and author of a book about a particular method of transparency and the layering of color in watercolor painting. It was a bit more demanding than I had originally intended, but it was just what I needed to get me going. And I began to love it! I have shown at exhibitions here in Paris, sold paintings at auctions, received commissions for custom paintings and I am represented in a gallery in Cape Cod. I am looking forward to my imminent retirement so that I will have more time to paint.

Following are some recent photos of the artist in my favorite guise as "intrepid traveler" and "Omi".


Do I look surprised? Just a bit - at my sixtieth birthday party!


Just one of many fabulous shots on an unforgettable hike in Tajikistan.


My kids at the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.
Climbing the path to smoking Vesuvio!
Sailing the Indian Ocean, just off of Mauritius - magnificent snorkeling!


Touching a magic stone in one of many mysterious stone circles in Scotland.



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